Fall Gardens to Fall For

The end of summer and warmer weather in the Berkshires does not need to mean boring gardens. With mindful garden design, everyone can enjoy season-long beauty from their garden, even through the chillier fall months.

Deep color in Berkshire Fall Garden

Transitional Beauty

While many garden perennials may look lackluster, there are perennials that really shine during the fall, bringing some of the best color to the garden that we’ve seen all season.

Hydrangeas are an excellent transitional shrub, revealing some of the most beautiful color at this time! Many light pink blooming varieties deepen into a burgundy color that looks amazing with the changing leaves and surrounding fall colors. 

Hydrangeas in the Fall
Berkshire Fall Garden in Bloom

Gorgeous Grasses

When it comes to ornamental grasses, fall is their time to shine! Grasses—both annual and perennial varieties—are a favorite of ours, and the fluffy tops are actually the bloom, blooming just in time for fall.

The lush, voluminous foliage adds texture and movement to a garden all season long—and especially in the fall.

Beautiful Berries

Late season interest often comes from looking closer to appreciate some overlooked traits of certain perennials and shrubs—like berries!

During the fall, summer blooms have been replaced by colorful berries, adding a fun and whimsical touch to the fall garden space. 

Seven Sons Tree

Unique Fall “Blooms”

It’s hard to imagine that some plants wait until the fall to bloom in the Berkshires—but there are some unique ones that do!

Pictured here, a Seven Sons tree can be a stunning addition to gardens! Interestingly, the red blooms you see here are actually not blooms at all, but rather the calyxes that turn a stunning red after the white blooms have gone. 

Curating Your Fantastic Fall Gardens

The key to curating a beautiful garden to admire through the fall months, is to keep in mind the transitional aspect to the plants you use in your garden. While many plants transition out of the picture come the cooler months, the plants that stick around have enough beauty to go around! Embrace the autumn transition, and highlight the unique features, like blooming grasses, berry-bearing shrubs, and deeply hued blooms and foliage for an eye-catching outdoor space that can’t be missed!

Colorful Fall Garden
Fall Garden with Annuals