Composting & Organics

We always start every task with an environmentally conscious approach, and a caring awareness for your property.  All organic materials brought onto the property are treated with integrity and respect, are always used in a safe and proper way.

Composting is a very important part of gardening.  We like to think of it as giving back to the earth.   Approximately one year from beginning this practice, we can start to utilize this compost by fertilizing your existing gardens.

Composting is great for a number of reasons:
  • It cuts down on the amount of foreign materials introduced to your property, which can eliminate noxious weeds etc.
  • It cuts down on the cost of fertilizer.
  • We are using the previous year's waste material to fertilize this year's gardens, insuring healthy plants and beautiful blooms all year long.

Edible Gardening

Health and fitness are increasing growing topics of focus in today's society.  Most people want to eat organically, but the demand commonly outweighs the supply.  A great way to take matters into your own hands is to create a veggie garden for your home, or to incorporate edible plantings into your landscape.  Blueberry bushes or raspberry patches are great ways to benefit from not only the beauty of the plant, but also the sustainability.

Benefits Include:
  • You can enjoy eating whatever you decide you would like to grow.
  • Most if not all vegetables have beautiful flowers, which actually help control and good to bad insect ratio.
  • You can feel good about not using any pesticides, which are expensive and harm the environment.
  • Any children grandchildren or guests will be delighted to see their favorite veggies growing right in front of their eyes!

Soil Health

At Berkshire Greenscapes our philosophy is to feed the soil, not the plant.  Healthy soil feeds the plants, and when using organic fertilizers and good compost, we are feeding the system.  Soil health is a determining factor upon site evaluation.  We will take action based on what soil type is present.

Soil Testing treats the problems, not the symptoms.  As we enrich the soil, we create a sustainable environment to keep plants healthy and prevent fungal or bacterial plant diseases.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Our favorite part of our work is making our clients happy.  Please reach out to us for any personalized advice and project assessments.