As we strive to create transcendent gardens that are both functional and beautiful, more importantly we hope to promote healthy living through respect and gratitude for the earth.  

our mission

We create rich, vibrant and sensory gardens — implementing high-quality organic practices to enhance your natural outdoor spaces and offer a nurturing environment for both our clients, and the surrounding ecosystem.

commitment to organic

A proud NOFA Organic Land Care accredited professional, we promise to use current best practices in organic and sustainable garden care, and are committed to leaving the earth unharmed for a healthier tomorrow.

our philosophy

As part of our full circle approach to garden care, our goal is to utilize the natural benefits of native plant species and to recycle all plant waste through effective composting, to create a self-sustained environment.

Partners & affiliates

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Berkshire Greenscapes was featured, following an interview with Generoso where he discussed the emphasis of organic methods and sustainability in his garden care approach.

Generoso was interviewed as part of a story about the difficulties and nuances of employing as a small business in the Berkshires.

about the team

Founded in 2012 by Generoso Gallo with sustainability and organics being the main focus, Berkshire Greenscapes has evolved into a fine gardening service where Generoso continues to hone his expertise and artistry in beautifying natural spaces.


Owner and founder, Generoso started his career in culinary arts, inspired by his traditional Italian upbringing. Deeply rooted by a connection to the earth, he learned to appreciate the not only the taste, but the health benefits of the nutrient-rich food grown and raised on his family's farm in Italy, and this has continued to shape his overall approach to health and wellness.


Our youngest team member, with a strong interest in environmental studies, Cassidy is a botany student and has been committed to the team at Berkshire Greenscapes for 2 years. Also with a strong interest in fitness and wellness, it is not uncommon to find Cass and G in an intense after-work workout!


Ben is our newest team member, and is on the path for a degree in environmental science. A great spirit and a hard worker, we are grateful for his like-minded dedication to sustainable practices to better the environment — and that he found us!


With a passion for nature and sustainability, Adam has been with us for 3 years, and has joined us at NOFA trainings He brings an expertise in native plant identification and an intuitive approach to plant care. When he isn't gardening, he might be in the woods! He is keen on foraging and trail-running.


A fine artist, with a passion for botany, we are lucky to have Freddy on the team to hone in the aesthetic details. He can't get enough — when he isn't at work, you'll likely find him gardening at his own house. Fun Fact: Generoso and Freddy have actually competed as a team (AND WON 1st PLACE!) in fitness competitions.