It’s sizing up to be a beautiful weekend here in the Berkshires — which couldn’t be better for some end-of-season gardening!

Fall is a great time to start planning out your SPRING ? GARDENS, and planting bulbs NOW is a really great, and inexpensive way to surprise yourself with a burst of color in your garden come springtime.

Generoso places allium bulbs for planting.

Now, we don’t overthink our placement too much… we like to use a naturalizing technique, gently tossing bulbs onto a garden bed to have a more randomized, and thus natural placement and look. Check out our video for a demo of this.

In this video, Generoso also demonstrates how to plant bulbs in a couple different sizes — the size of the bulb dictates how deeply you want to plant it.

Tips & Techniques for Planting Bulbs

For his first planting, it is quite a small bulb, only requiring a few inches of soil over the top, while the larger allium bulb gets planted much deeper, about the height of your standard shovel.

Root Down!

If there is anything you take away from this video, it should be to make sure you plant your bulbs root-down. You’ll notice one end has, well… roots coming out of it — you want to face this side down as you nestle the bulb into the soil.

And then… we wait. Until spring.

Happy Planting!