What are our clients saying?

The most satisfying part of our work at Berkshire Greenscapes is making our clients happy.  Whether it be reviving an overgrown garden, or designing a new landscape from scratch, we strive to fulfill our clients' needs and make their garden dreams and ideas come to life.  Read on for personal testimonials.

"The garden has looked great ever since Generoso and his staff at Berkshire Greenscapes took over.  Berkshire Greenscapes is now in its second year of maintaining and improving the garden at my home. I'm completely satisfied with Berkshire Greenscapes' work and the result -- a great looking garden.

  • Berkshire Greenscapes arrived promptly in the early spring to carry out the cleanup and prepare the garden.  The work included raking, general pick-up, edging flower beds, shrub pruning, planting early annuals, cutting predatory vines, and preparing wooden barrels for the planting of annuals. Berkshire Greenscapes also raked a considerable quantity of driveway stone back into the driveway, which had been pushed onto the lawn and elsewhere by winter snow plowing.  All of this work was done on schedule and very efficiently.  Berkshire Greenscapes will do everything that needs to be done in the garden.

  • Berkshire Greenscapes' personnel are friendly, courteous, competent, and generally helpful. It's always a pleasure to have them working in the garden.


  • Berkshire Greenscapes monthly invoice shows hours worked, the dates on which the work was carried out, and the tasks carried out.  I very much appreciate having this high level of business-like detail.



  • The result is that in mid May, the garden has never looked better. When I walk through the garden at sunrise, I think of how much beauty has been created and the tranquility it provides. I think that more of my friends need to see the garden now that it looks so wonderful.
  • Berkshire Greenscapes has planted bulbs and annuals so that something is always in bloom from early spring to the fall frost.  It's been great to have Berkshire Greenscapes' assistance in planning the garden as well as executing the plan once agreed upon.


  • I feel fortunate and relieved to have found a cost-effective, competent gardening service to plan and care for the garden.  Once again, thank you Berkshire Greenscapes!"


- Richard P.

"The gardens have never looked so good as they have this spring. All of the thanks go to Generoso . He and his staff have done an outstanding job of spring cleaning- edging, pruning, planting. I highly recommend Generoso for all of  your gardening needs small and large. He has an excellent "eye" and listens very closely to what you want to establish in your garden. I'm just very glad I  found him to do the gardens. He has managed to give six months of garden bloom. You too will be glad you found Generoso"


- Ray N.

"Generoso Gallo of Berkshire Greenscapes did a terrific job of bringing back my long neglected garden beds, which include two flower beds, a veggie garden, and a blueberry patch. He is a pleasure to work with, listened to what I wanted, made helpful suggests about plantings, and implemented them beautifully. Thanks to his work, my gardens now look better than ever! "


- Leslie W.

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Our favorite part of our work is making our clients happy.  Please reach out to us for any personalized advice and project assessments.