Save the Dahlias

We're officially heading into winter and it's time to get those dahlias OUT... if you haven't already. Saving your dahlias year after year reaps great benefits, like: Bigger roots for BIGGER plants! Bigger roots that can be SPLIT into MULTIPLE plants Saving Money! In this video, Generoso demonstrates how to safely remove your…


Bulb Planting for Spring Blooms

It's sizing up to be a beautiful weekend here in the Berkshires — which couldn't be better for some end-of-season gardening! Fall is a great time to start planning out your SPRING ? GARDENS, and planting bulbs NOW is a really great, and inexpensive way to surprise yourself with a burst of color…


Roses are Red… And Many Other Colors

We are Dedicating this Post to Roses ? AS they are vigorously blooming for the second time this year — YES, in October. Admittedly, not quite as spectacular as the first bloom in June, but nonetheless LOVELY to see this time of year (Check out some of these Fall Blooms!) Previous Next Rose…


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