Organic Lawn Care

Get a beautiful lawn without the harmful chemicals.


Why Organic?

Conventional lawn care providers use toxic chemicals and synthetic fertilizers that harm our ecosystems.  Run-off from chemically-treated lawns ends up in our streams and lakes, contaminating our water sources.  These chemicals also can get tracked into our homes, putting our pets and children at risk for various health concerns.

With an organic approach, we focus on feeding the soil to create a self-sustaining, dense turf that is more drought tolerant and better for the environment.


Organic lawn care address 3 of the world's main environmental challenges:
  • Climate Change
  • Excess Nitrogen
  • Biodiversity


Lawn Alternatives

You can still enjoy beautiful ground coverage with a variety of lawn alternatives.  A more futuristic approach, lawn alternatives can provide function, cost-savings, pest-resistance and drought tolerance.

The energy and resources that are required for a weed-free green "carpet" lawn throughout the summer cause a great deal of collateral environmental damage - this is why the conventional "suburban lawn" is not an ecologically sustainable option.

As an alternative, we can maintain a lawn that is dominated by dense, deeply-rooted, site-adapted turf grasses, and give special attention to plants that are native to the region.  This would increase local biodiversity and maximize the benefits of a lawn-alternative option.

Other beautiful options include meadows and field gardens.

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