Custom Design & Restoration Projects

Berkshire Greenscapes is happy to accept special project work such as walkways and garden installations.

Veggie Garden Installation

Garden Design

Berkshire Greenscapes begins with an on-site evaluation of your property.  We will ask you questions about your landscape needs and expectations, as well as discuss the potential of your site.  In addition to vegetable and garden design, we also offer tree installation design.  As part of our process, we always keep the integrity of the actual landscape in mind, planting what is right for the area not only at the present time, but also for the future.

Renovation & Restoration

We can restore an overgrown garden or other outdoor space to enhance it's natural beauty.  This can involve a variety of services:

  • Spring and Fall Clean-up.  It is very important to start and end the season in a clean and cohesive way.
  • Mulching.  Important for helping to keep weeds from sprouting and protecting and keeping moisture in the soil.
  • Removing Invasive Species.
  • Transplanting Trees, Shrubs and Perennials.
  • Lawn and Garden Fertilizing.
  • Driveway Weeding and Top Dressing.
Finished Walkway

Walkways & Stonework

Whether it is a stone, mulch, pine needle or grass work, our walkways and fences are functional and artistic, while encompassing the surrounding area's integrity.

Garden Fencing

Berkshire Greenscapes takes a functional and natural approach to each fence project that we design.  We take care to naturally integrate the home, garden and ecosystem into the core aspect of the structure.  We acheive this by an in depth site evaluation of the naturally occurring materials in the area.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Our favorite part of our work is making our clients happy.  Please reach out to us for any personalized advice and project assessments.